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About Michael Huhn

Born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Richmond Hill Queens, Michael Huhn  is a former fashion print model with studies in the performing arts, acting, ballet and jazz, art history and photography. He credits his colorful childhood as inspiration in his career. His work has ranged from fine art and commercial photography to visual graphic design specializing in portraiture and human form Huhn was was inspired. By the works of George Hurell and the Andrew Feinger for his tecnicall proficientcy in photography and his iconic life Magazine Imagery 

2001, Genre magazine interview, Huhn said, "I grew up in a stimulating environment. My dad owned a bar and the patrons were some of the most eccentric characters. I always preferred to look at people and pictures. For me, the visual told a far more Interesting story."

1992. He released his self titled book MICHAEL HUHN PHOTOS (Editions Aubrey Walter, London) gaining him international acclaim and making him the youngest photographer in the world, at the time, to publish a male nude series in book form. The book success coincided with various solo and group exhibitions  at the Leslie Lohman gallery in New York City's SoHo and celebrated in internationally published magazines and other media. 

Michael's entrance into the highly competitive art world was one of extreme determination, grit, and ambition along with talent and perseverance. In 1996 he released his second international book, Peepshow (Janssen Verlag, Germany). Controversial for its time, the book became an instant success leading to an eight-week one man show at the Leslie Lohman gallery.

1999- Huhn relocated to los Angeles and expanded his portfolio, photographing exclusively celebrity, events, and fashion, as well as private commissions using trademark portraiture. style shadow and light for some notable actors and politicians. His fine art and  celebrity images  became syndicated worldwide

2008 Huhn Relocated back to His Native New York City from Los Angeles Photographing private commissions. Expanded his portfolio to international travel photography and New York City iconic Architecture 

2014 he successfully self published, Long Island City, which was both a book and an exhibition a artistic homage to his native New York City.

20015 -2020 Sir Michael Reinvention & Brand Development Name Change Book Publishing sir Michael 

Inspired by his Erotic Work. Huhn Created the Brand Sir Michael 
He Changed Michael Huhn to Sir Michael (Sir being his first name). With the new brand, he successfully partnered with big box retailers Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble, as well as other global book sellers world wide. 
fueled by determination to bring his intellectual property of his visual imagery and design to a wider commercial audience and fanbase.

He utilized his expansive  studio image archives and design skills to become a content creator and designer for  Amazon and launched Fashion  &  Accessories  line to compliment his Brand book publishing, selling apparel to  home goods as well as self titled $ir Michael  books . featuring his high gloss fine art photography books and New York City themed art books as well writhing journals of inspiration  relligious themes, pets, coloring  books and huge selection of celebrity, art, and  travel inspired themed books of New Zealand and his native  New York City 

Huhn's countless high concept  brand driven unique Books with their own Isbn earned him wider demographic. Popularity. some featuring. notable celebrities like Madonna, Madame X and Jennifer Lopez, called  50 Carrots; a tribute 
book of the songstress to commemorate her 50th Birthday  and are available. Booksellers globally 

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